​The Fair Value Forum (FVF) was established to contribute to the quality of information in the capital market, and to generate a productive and professional discourse on issues pertaining to the capital market. The forum, founded by Prof. Amir Barnea, founding dean of Reichman University’s Arison School of Business, and CPA Shlomi Shuv, head of the accounting program and deputy dean of the Arison School, was established as part of the school’s accounting program. The forum is comprised of experts in finance and financial accounting, as well as reporters, analysts and representatives of Israeli financial regulatory bodies.


The members of the forum produce fruitful collaborations that manifest in many ways, such as ties between academia and practice and relationships between the various actors, including reporters, analysts and auditors. Among other things, the forum fosters a connection between the various areas of knowledge related to fair value accounting, and touches upon the broader world of valuations, including actuarial science and appraisals.


The forum holds monthly meetings at which members discuss background material that is sent to them in advance, summarizing the developments relevant to the topic on the agenda in the academic, practical and regulatory arenas. In light of the public importance of the discussions, the background materials and summaries of the meetings are published on the forum’s website for the general public.


The forum’s professional staff is comprised of outstanding graduates of Reichman University’s accounting program.